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More Bikes review of Torotrail off-road tours

This old review of Torotrail shows how the business has improved over the years. It may have been 9 years ago, but it still shows how established and experienced ToroTrail is.

The review is when Torotrail was using Yamaha WR250R Bikes, but this review heavily concentrates on the ToroTrail experience, the trails, expertise, guides, and staff. This truly shows that ToroTrail is still the best out there!

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Visor Down

Visordown Review of ToroTrail

Highlights from the review:

  • Relaxing in the villa pool, sun on my shoulders with a beer after a challenging days riding.
  • Feeling the vibe around us in the local town when Spain won the Euro’s.
  • Surviving some massive hill climbs and rocky mountain edge descents.
  • Sharing the whole experience with 10 like minded lads and having a laugh.
  • Rocking up at the airport and being looked after from that moment until going home again.
  • Chatting life stories over decent food and beer.

The ToroTrail experience isn’t about shaping you up to be the next Paris-Dakar rider. It’s about getting back to the reasons I got into biking in the first place, mucking around learning new things and having a great time with mates.

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